HOSPITAL, directed by Deniz Tortum

(Feature Documentary)

In post-production.

AGADEZ, directed by Ian Barling

(Short Film)

In post-production.

Imperfect Poster.jpg


Official Selection: Malatya International Film Festival (National Documentary Competition)

2018, 17’

Writer & Director: Bilen Sevda Konen

Editor: Sercan Sezgin

Producer: Meral Celik & Betul Gunay

Cinematographer: Gozde Koyuncu

Sound: Kerem Cakir & Sezgin Keris

Art Director: Batuhan Ozbulut

Costume Designer: Meltem Tolan

Co-Production: New Film Fund


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In a post-war society in full retreat, Stella flees the procreation center where she was locked up.

2018, 16’

Writer & Director: Léa Boos

Editor: Sercan Sezgin

Cinematographer: Mathieu Gaudet

Sound: Romain Orsoni

Line Producer: Nicolas Martre

Sound Editor & Mixer: Olivier Mary

Co-Production: University of Corsica & G.R.E.C